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    High-tech, also known as frontier technology, is a technology at the forefront: the most advanced technology available. It can be defined as the most complex technology or as the newest technology on the market. The opposite of high-tech is low technology, which refers to simple technology, usually traditional or mechanical; For example, a slide rule is a low-tech computing device. As high-tech becomes old, it becomes low-tech, for example vacuum tube electronics.

    The phrase was used in the 1958 New York Times story advocating “atomic energy” for Europe: “Western Europe, with its dense population and high technology.” Robert Metz used the term in a financial column in 1969, said by Arthur H. Collins Radio Collins “controls the scoring of high-tech patents in a variety of fields.” And in a 1971 article used the abbreviated form “high-tech.”

    The widespread classification of high-tech manufacturing industries was given by the OECD in 2006. It is based on the intensity of research and development activities used in these industries within OECD countries, resulting in four different categories.

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